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Lawless Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 6)

Lawless Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 6)

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Rusty's a military man through and through. His entire life is order and discipline.

Chaz is untamed and unrestricted. He's been a thief his entire life.

Rusty fell for Chaz the moment he laid eyes on him, but Chaz had a boyfriend at the time.

Now that relationship has ended and Rusty would like to build something new with Chaz.

They start to get close, but then someone close to Rusty is hurt. Rusty vows to make the perpetrator pay. Chaz refuses to leave Rusty's side.

Together they take on a bloodthirsty killer intent on destroying all who oppose him. Rusty and Chaz would love to ignite their relationship, but they'll have to stay alive to do it.
If you want to see more of Rusty and Chaz, please check out my World Breaker Series:
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Chapter 1

He looked like hard liquor wrapped in a bottle of fine wine. Chaz had been in a cave fighting for his life the first time we’d met. He’d just destroyed one of the most powerful known universes and was recovering from his injuries. Read full chapter. 

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Stacy Hoffman
Great read

Enjoyed the book. Kept me reading.