Sun Cursed



Celeste can teleport. She can also call on her ancestors.  Celeste lives underground in Cave Town. The people of Cave Town were cursed thousands of years ago to live with the sins of every kill they ever made and ever kill their ancestors ever made.

They have marks on their body to represent ever kill. In sunlight, the marks come alive, and burn into their skin. They turn golden, and you can fill every death, over a thousand times worse. That's why they live underground in a network of caves called Cajun. There are many cities and towns underground. Celeste lives in the city called Cave Town, but their are many other cities in Cave Town. 


Kemp is Celeste's boyfriend. He also lives in Cave town. Kemp has superspeed. 


Twist lives up top. We first meet Twist in the Magic and Mischief Series. Twist has the power of wind. Twist's boyfriend is Niche. 


Niche lives up top. Niche can blow things up with his hands. Niche is Twist's boyfriend. We first met Niche in the Magic and Mischief Series. 


Jack and his wife Kinka are the head of The Gentlemen. They rule underground in Cajun. They are mobsters. 


Kinka and her husband Jack are the head of The Gentlemen. They rule underground in Cajun. They are mobsters.