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Names and certain plot points are always subject to change. This page is constantly being edited for any grammar and spelling mistakes!


M/M Urban Fantasy!

Driz and Tix



I’d originally planned on putting this book on Kindle Vella, but I changed my mind. So far, I have three books for this series, with more to come! Be on the lookout for more books in this series. I hope you love this new series as much as I do!

The Hexer and the Telekinetic. That probably won’t be the title, just what I’m using while I write the books. This is a Male/Male Urban Fantasy story. This story has magic, hexes, and some brow-raising spells!

 A little about the story:

Can you imagine having a relationship with someone you’ve never talked to? I mean, you’re always a few feet away from that person. You eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, but you never sit at the same table. You also eat on different worlds, with one of you picking which world to eat on.

Both Driz and Tix can hop portals to other worlds. They both have powerful magic. What happens when a madman tries to kill them both? What happens when they finally have to talk to each other… Explosions!

I can’t wait for you to meet Driz and Tix! Make sure you join my mailing list for regular updates.


M/M Urban Fantasy

Liam and Mark


Liam likes danger. He gets that and more when he runs across the Mafia Don’s son, Mark Gravely. Mark is an integral part of the business. He runs the operation, with thousands under his command.

Liam’s fierce in his own right. Mark grew up in a mafia family. The Spiral family’s gunning for Mark and his family. They’re a lesser mafia family intent on becoming number one.

Liam soon finds himself caught in the crossfire between both families. How will Mark react?

 It won’t be an easy ride with these two, but the payout will be amazing!

This book may begin on Kindle Vella, but that’s subject to change. I have three books for this series with more to come. Stay tuned. Make sure you join my mailing list for regular updates.


Urban Fantasy

Anise and Brick



Anise is a wereskunk. She has skunk DNA. Skunks have lateral glands in their backs. Skunk oil can heal any ailment. It can help vampires walk in the sun. It can prolong your orgasms. It can heal broken bones. It can do all that and more.

Skunks are captured and slaughtered daily. Anise fights back with her thiols. Thiols is the name for the odor the skunks give off when they feel threatened.

A skunk’s thiols is solid, meaning they can shoot it out of their hands. It will rip into skin through bone and tissue.

Anise is constantly fighting for her life. Then she meets Brick, head alpha of the Backwoods Pack. Brick leads the most ferocious wolves in the state.

The attraction between the two is immediate. But, the wolves have always been Anise’s enemies. Can she trust Brick? If you read my story Prowl, you’ll get the answer to that question.

Anise and Brick will have their own series soon. This series will contain LGBTQ characters. Make sure you join my mailing list for regular updates.

If you’d like to read a story featuring a skunk before Anise and Brick, please check out my Magic and Mischief series. Also, look for my upcoming dystopia.



Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy


Tinai is from the planet Yanun. If you've read my story No Option to Fail, you meet her there. That story was lighthearted and fun. Her upcoming series will take place on her own world. It’ll give you a gritty look at the planet Yanun and its inhibitors.  

This series will contain LGBTQ characters. Make sure you join my mailing list for regular updates.




M/M Urban Fantasy

Twist and Niche


You first meet Twist and Niche in the Magic and Mischief series. You see them again in the Sun Cursed Series. You don’t have to read either series to enjoy the upcoming Twist and Niche novels.

The rival gangs are at war. Twist and Niche stand on opposite sides. The attraction between them is strong. But both are loyal to their families, their friends. Bodies are dropping all around them. Everyone’s fighting for territory. What happens when Twist and Niche get caught between the gangs? Will they choose each other? This series will be action-packed and full of hurt/comfort, but never disrespect.

I can’t wait to properly introduce you to Twist and Niche!

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Urban Fantasy


Nisee lost her parents at an early age. They were murdered in front of her, but this won’t be a revenge plot. Nisee will lose everything. She will have to build herself from the ground up. She will become the most feared and ruthless QueenPin ever, but she didn’t start out that way. Let her tell you her story in her own words. This sums up the prequel novel.

There are more players in the game and their stories will be told too. The main novels will have alternate POVs. This is a fight for territory. A fight for survival.

This series will contain LGBTQ characters with POVs that are important to the plot. Everyone wants control. Everyone wants to be a kingpin. Bodies will drop. You will have your favorites. I can’t wait to tell you more about these characters and this world.  Make sure you join my mailing list for regular updates.



Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy

Oddly enough, I started working on this series at the exact same time I started working on the first book in the World Breaker Series. This story is about prostitutes in space.

No, these are not prostitutes with hearts of gold. These are kick-ass females not to be trifled with.

These women love what they do for a living and won’t be shamed for it. But the three cater to different clientele.

Sweetcheeks- She’s lucky if she makes $50 a night in a back alley. 


Kelly- Her services come with a hotel room and $300 upfront.

Jasmine- She’ll go out with you to a black-tie event for $3000. If you want more, then you pay more.

What happens when these three women are offered the chance to make millions? Fuck an alien and get millions of dollars? It’s not that easy. Because soon these women discover they have powers from their experience.

Not only that, they find themselves caught in a war between rival planets. Since they’re on different tiers in the prostitution world, they don’t immediately get along.

But if they want to survive, they’ll have to find common ground. They’ll soon find that ‘found family’ isn’t just a turn of phrase. But will that help them in the fight for the universe?

This series will contain LGBTQ characters. Make sure you join my mailing list for regular updates.

Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy/ Dystopia.

There are a lot of fun facts connecting this story with the Driz and Tix story.  Some of the names may be the same or similar. There’s a reason for that. We’ll talk about it at a later date.

The Verven came two years ago.

They killed everyone in their path. The Verven feed on energy. They get high off auras. They’ve turned the world into a dystopia. Nowhere is safe from them. Families have been torn apart.

But a group of strangers, soon find themselves banding together to take back their world from the Verven.

Drew- has blood remedy.

If you’ve read the Wordbreaker series, you’ll see a character with that ability. He’s formed many teams since the Verven came, but eventually, they all die. He’s relieved when he meets the others. Especially Tin. The vampire catches his eye.

Tin- a vampire.

When the killing starts, he’s in a club. He bands together with Kendra. He’s very protective of her. But he and Kendra could never be. She’s only ever found love with other women and he’s only ever been with other men. When he meets Drew, a man with blood remedy, it’s an experience he’s never had before. Drew can do stuff with blood, Tin never knew was possible.

Kendra- has skunk DNA.

She and Tin don’t know each other, but they fight together and somehow over the next two years they form a bond. Even without the Verven, skunks are hunted daily for their skunk oil. They learn to fight at an early age and can be deadly in battle.

Drew, Tin, and Kendra soon meet up with Marcus and Nelina. These two are best friends. They have been since they were children. They grew up beside each other. When the killing starts, they find each other and continue to fight together.

Marcus- is a wrecker or what some call a witch. He can also control water.

Nelina- controls energy.



This makes her of special interest to the Verven. She’s one of their number one targets. They have whole groups after her. Nelina has a small rung named Hattie. Rungs are like a cross between a mouse and a cat. You first see a Rung in my World Breaker Universe.

Marcus and Nelina will soon meet up with Red and Thunder!

Red- has wolf DNA.

He was alpha of his pack when the Verven came. All of his pack died. Because he couldn’t protect them, he’s racked with guilt. Red starts to get high on Skunk oil. Those with Skunk DNA, like Kendra are often attacked for their skunk oil, but Kendra will fight back.

The problem? Red’s best friend is Drew. Since they are now all together this will cause problems. Red attacks Kendra when he first meets her. He wants her skunk oil.

Tin and Kendra will kill him if he ever tries again. It makes for a tense household.

Red’s boyfriend is Thunder.

Thunder- can control fire. He doesn’t like Red’s skunk oil addiction.  

These seven will join together to not only fight the Verven, but other groups who’ve banded together against the Verven. Food is scarce, and resources have dried up. It’s an absolute fight for survival.

Fun Fact! You may recognize some of the names from the Driz and Tix series. Driz and Tix. Drew and Tin. Kendra=Fatima. Red and Thunder! You’ll see a Red and Thunder in both series too. In both series they’ll be a couple and in both series, Red will be best friends with Driz/Drew. I’ll tell you later how things worked out this way. The two stories couldn’t be more different.


Sci-Fi/Urban Fantasy


This series includes multiple POVS and Multiple planets. This series will have M/ F, M/M, and F/F POVS. Every POV will be important to the plot. This is the first book I ever wrote.

You have no idea how many hours have been put into this book, but I want you to have the best reading experience when reading this series so I will keep putting in the work to make it the best I can.

This series will actually be a trilogy. All three books have been written. As of now, each book is 114K or longer. That could change with a little more editing.

The prequel novels for this series total well over 100K. They’ve all been written as well. If you read the prequel novels first, you’ll find spoilers. I don’t recommend reading the prequels first. But if you do, you’ll have secret knowledge that other readers won’t. It’s up to you how you read. Well, maybe read one of the prequels first. I’ll tell you more about that later.


The story starts with Nadine on Earth.


She owns an advertising firm. In this world, when agencies compete for an account, sometimes they end up dead. Nadine has dinner every Sunday at her parent’s house.

She leaves for five minutes. When she comes back, everyone’s dead. Even people who died ten years ago are on the floor freshly dead. She’s even on the floor dead…. What!

Before she can process, she’s attacked. Nadine is super-fast and not much can penetrate her skin. She fights off her attackers, but before she can process, she’s sucked away.


Carmen on Earth.


Carmen is a chef. She dreams of owning her own restaurant one day. She imagines people will walk for miles to eat at her restaurant. The line to get into her restaurant will be a few blocks long. She’s sure of it. She can’t wait for that day!

She goes to sleep one night. When she wakes up, she’s in an unfamiliar place with a man telling her he’s, her boyfriend. She wonders if she’s been kidnapped by a madman. She envisions billboards being erected in her name until she’s found. 

When she uses her powers, the man becomes terrified and calls her mother. When her mother comes, Carmen tries to use telepathy to communicate with her. Her mom is clearly scared. Carmen is confused. Her entire family has telepathy. They rarely use a cell phone when speaking with each other. Before she can understand, she’s sucked away. She’s sucked away the same as Nadine was sucked away.

Lush did it! Lush on planet Celxstra


sucked Nadine and Carmen away! She kidnapped them to her planet Celxstra because she needed them. Celxstra is a part of the Tangeor Universe.

 This entire set of events was pushed into motion thousands of years ago. They just don’t know it yet.  

People from the planet Celxstra can Napend those of another race. They have the power to take over your entire body and mind. They can also Congage, which is when they switch minds with each other. This can be dangerous, and murderous if you’re not careful.

Lush’s father, Brizon rules the planet Celxstra. He’s half Celxstran and half Cumin. Cumin is one of the fire planets. In the Tangeor Universe, fire planets are called Voker. Back on Cumin, Brizon’s mother rules Cumin with an iron fist.

So Lush is a part of ruling families on two worlds. But Lush is soooo timid at first. Her father’s not an easy man to deal with. He expects perfection in everything. Her mother’s not much different.

When Lush turned 21, she moved out of her parent’s home. Who am I kidding, she moved out of their huge freaking palace into an estate of her own. But, on occasion, she’ll go to her parent’s house for dinner. She wouldn’t see them otherwise. They’d never come to her house.

One night, she walks to her parent’s house for dinner. She sees a man, speaking out against her father’s hereditary rule of the planet Celxstra. He has a crowd around him. His powers are growing. More and more people are listening.

Lush refuses palace guards, but someone from her father’s household is with her. They tell her not to worry. All will be fine. 

She stays the night at her parent’s house. The next morning at breakfast, she’s arrested for murder. Who is she accused of murdering? The man speaking out against her father’s rule of the planet Celxstra.  

From the moment she’s accused, things take a wicked, twisted, and murderous turn. When she’s home again, an attempt is made on her life. The bodies begin to pile. All her loved ones are dying. Someone has a hit on her family.

It has to be another planet. Only one planet comes to mind. With bodies still dropping, Lush begins to break. Remember, she’s also half Voker from the planet Cumin.

When a Voker, or a person of the fire race loses control, they blaze. Cumin is a Voker planet of red fire. It’s considered weak. But when a Voker blazes, they turn to white fire. If they’re really mad, they turn violet. They will lose control at this point.

But, when a person of the Voker race tips on turning to Blackfire, Run! You have to run, because they can’t contain themselves any longer. Blackfire will eat up everything in its path.

Lush is hurt. She’s angry. She begins to blaze, fueling her desire for revenge. Sigh. Lush can be a little creepy. She’s been watching planet Earth for years. She loves to watch Nadine and Carmen. They’re her favorites.

As I said before, these sets of events were maneuvered into motion, thousands of years ago. When Nadine’s family was killed, it was people from Celxstra. Lush realizes that the confusion going on with Nadine and Carmen is caused by individuals from her own planet.

So, she kidnaps Nadine and Carmen. She brings them to Celxstra. They’re not happy about it. Nor are they happy to find out Lush has been creepily watching them for years. They all have the same problem, though.

It seems that the same person’s coming for all three of them, but why? Lush may not know why, but she knows who, the Sniffers.


The Sniffers are a wolf race from the planet Gratus. They’re also from the Tangeor Universe but from the Rono Hemisphere. All those from the Rono Hemisphere have animalistic characteristics. They look human until the claws come out. Also, those from the Rono Hemisphere hold no loyalties to each other. The Sniffers and the Felines are a great example of this.

What’s unique about a Sniffer? They can sniff anything off anybody. Most races from the Rono Hemisphere can do this, but not like the Sniffers.

They can sniff a person and tell if they killed someone two minutes ago, or two thousand years ago.

The Sniffers are vicious and cruel. But why are they messing with the ruling family of Celxstra? What’s their beef?  Pure Silver. One of the only things that can hurt a wolf from the planet Gratus is pure silver.

Don’t mistake pure silver for regular silver. Regular silver will sting like a bee. Pure silver will eat into a wolf’s bone and tissue. Once it gets a small taste, it’s hungry for more. A small coin, no bigger than a penny, can take an entire Sniffer apart in seconds.

So, pure silver is a big threat to Gratus. Celxstra mass produces Pure Silver. They have enough to take out the entire planet of Gratus. The Sniffers see no other option but to attack.

Celxstra has their reasons for having so much pure silver. Those reasons go back thousands of years. You’ll learn about them in the first book. But if you want to see how it actually played out all those years ago, pick up the prequel novels.

Gratus is ruled by the Alpha council called the Wegen. They consist of five alphas.

The head alpha is Krenn. All defer to him.



 His mate is a man called Retch. He sits in the fourth alpha seat.

Nia sits in the second alpha seat.


Her mate is a woman named, Darla.

Lien sits in the third alpha seat.


When you find out who his mate is, you’ll find me hiding under the table!

Lien’s sister Gin sits in the last alpha seat.


Her mate is Mirk.

Mirk has his own plans. He wants a seat on the Wegen council. He wants to be one of the head alphas and he’ll do anything to make it happen.

Krenn, Nia, and Lien grew up as best friends. But, with their mates involved things get complicated and sometimes friendships stretch to the point of breaking.

If you’d like to see how Krenn and the others first came to power, check out the prequel novels. Their rise to power ties into why Celxstra has so much Pure Silver, but probably not in the way you would think.


On to the Vokers. Bustion and Drick’s story took place ten years before the first novel. I’m just laying down the groundwork, though you can find Bustion and Drick’s story in the prequel novels.

Bustion is a Voker.

He’s from the fire planet Syen. Syens like to call themselves Smolders. Yeah, they can be insufferable. The Syen’s are one of the most feared Voker races. With Cumin being one of the weakest. Syen’s are ruthless and heartless, but they’re also fun. That’s if they like you. Syen’s love to party. Bustion has been known to stay on the dance floor all night long, but still deal with planetary affairs without issue.

Syens and Cumins are sworn enemies. Well, Bustion rules the planet Syen with his sister. Bustion falls in love with a man name Drick.

But, Drick is from Cumin.

They’d gone to the academy together. Drick is one of Lush’s best friends, and he’s close to her grandmother, ruler of Cumin. Bustion is ruler of Syen. Their planets hate each other and both Drick and Bustion are in top positions on their worlds.

But love won’t be denied. They fall in love. Bustion even wants to get finite coins made with Drick’s face on them.

Once you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you have finite coins made in their image. The coins are made out of a currency more valuable than gold or platinum.

This is a long-held tradition in the Tangeor Universe. Once you have finite coins made, all money you spend will have your loved ones’ face on it. The money is made from expensive currencies, so every planet accepts it as viable income.

You only eat off plates with the image of your mate on it, the same image from the coins. Your silverware will also carry that very image. It’s a little creepy, but that’s how they roll in the Tangeor Universe. Bustion wanted this with Drick.

But remember, at the time, both guys were in military school. They’re on the planet Lazen, attending the Rebust academy. All Voker families want their child at the Rebust academy. It’s a top Voker military school.

A betrayal happens. Many of you will see it as unforgivable. Perhaps Bustion and Drick feel the same. They don’t speak or see each other for ten years. If you want to see their story in detail, check out the prequel novels.

When the first book of the trilogy starts, it’s already ten years after their fallout.

Bustion and Drick don’t see each other until the Sniffers want Bustion’s help with Celxstra. Well, Drick is like Lush. He’s half Cumin and half Celxstran. If the Sniffers and Syen band together against Celxstra, Cumin has no choice but to step in.

So Bustion and Drick will face each other across a battlefield. But, the love is still there, so how will they handle it?


  Next up is another planet from the Rono Hemisphere. We have the Felines from the planet, Yexen.

The Sniffers and the Felines hold no loyalties to each other. They’re both from the Rono Hemisphere and they do participate in the annual Rono games, but that’s it.

Sonarall is ruler of Yexen.

She rules with her husband, Tregon.



You can see how they first came to power in the prequel novels. Sonarall is a spell master. She mixes potions, poisons, and so much more. Her skills will come in handy in later books.

Tregon’s brother Alex has a lot of balls in the air.


Yexen is not apart of the war, but Alex steps his toe into it because of his mate. I will once again run and hide when you find out who his mate is. Sonarall and Tregon won’t play a big part in the first book, but we’ll see more of them in the following books.

Alex plays a crucial part. The Yexen, like the wolves, are known for their cruelty. The only difference is, the Yexen like to toy with their victims first.

Sigh. Alex may need to stay in his lane, but he won’t leave his mate hanging, and he’ll kill anyone who touches her. 


Now we come to the Feio planets. Feio planets are those made out of ice. We focus on the planet Tyex. That’s where the Lernies family lives.

Okay. I feel like I need to explain something. Here we have another relationship like Drick and Bustion.

Honestly, I didn’t make all the M/M elementals start off as enemies to lovers on purpose!

But, if you want to see how Tradon and Hesen



stopped hating each other and fell in love, you can find out in the prequel novels. When this novel starts, they’re already married.

The Feios are assassins. Killing is their birthright. They take pride in it. All Feio planets are killers, entire families.

Now in the case of the Lernies family, everyone is an adult. We have the parents and the children, but all children are over 21.

You may have an individual hit, especially if your reputation as an assassin is good. But, sometimes the entire family will do a job together. Even if you no longer live together. As a family, you’ll still be expected to kill together.

Each year, the Feio planets have something called the Tatle. It’s the biggest killing event of the year. What you make on the Tatle will be enough income for the entire year. The Tatle usually has at least seven names on it. The targets are usually from different planets. And it’s usually political.

The Feios don’t care. They make the hit and go back to their own planet. If they don’t make the hit. If they fail, they’ll be murdered by their own high council.

Afeis Lernies is the father of the Lernies family.

He’s the first chair on the high council. To see his rise to power, check out the prequel novels.

He comes from old money, but because of a bad business deal, he lost everything. His friend betrayed him and took all the money for himself.

That friend is Mudo. Mudo’s son is Hesen. Hesen will fall in love with Afeis' son, Tradon. Because their families have such hatred toward each other, it won’t go over well. But that’s in the prequel novels.

Hesen and Tradon are a happy, deadly, nonstop killing married couple when the main books begin.  

Grele is the mother of the Lernies family.

She’s very powerful. She has a few tricks that could spell danger for some of the other characters.

Tradon is the oldest of the four kids.


He of course falls in love with the son of his father’s biggest enemy. He’s very powerful and determined to make the Tatle.

Sheena is the next to oldest.


She’s a potion master, but nowhere near on the same level as Sonarall. She’s the type that will focus on one singular incident for weeks, if she thinks she made a mistake. Still, nothing is more important than making the kill.

Vinna and Penna are twins. They’re the youngest. Vinna is male. Penna is female.

Vinna is a thrill seeker.

He has no fear. That gets him into trouble later.

Penna is the most bloodthirsty of the family.


She simply doesn’t care about anyone other than her siblings and her parents. Vinna is her twin, and the two share a special bond.

The Feio’s come into play in the second book. The Tatle is here and the hit for this year may be your favorite character. Or, you may fall in love with the Lernies family.

Remember, either they make the Tatle or they die. This won’t be pretty. I’ll apologize in advance.


Now I have a whole mailing list named after this next set of people. Let me introduce you to the Creon Council.

We see the Creon Council sprinkled throughout the first two books. We don’t fully meet them until the third book.

But, you can always read their prequel novel. I would suggest reading it before you read book three of the main trilogy. But you don’t have to. I lay everything out in the third book as well. The prequel just goes more in-depth.

Now, you must ask yourself, does the Tangeor Universe have any order? These planets are plotting against each other at an alarming rate. There’s a lot of backstabbing and backroom deals. Where’s the order?

Enter the Creon Council. Planets in the Tangeor Universe have to ask permission before they go to all-out war. An attack here and there is fine, but at the level these planets are escalating, they’ll soon be at war. Well, they need permission for that. What happens if they don’t get it?

The Creon Council will rip them into very small pieces and sprinkle their body parts like confetti. Will these opposing planets work together against the Creon Council? I don’t know. There might be an even bigger threat looming over Tangeor. But that’s for later books!

Okay, so the Creon Council was formed thousands of years ago. This was during the warring years of Tangeor. Planets were constantly waging war against one another.

It didn’t matter if you wanted that smoke or not. Other planets didn’t care if you preferred to stay neutral. If you had resources on your planet that another planet wanted, they would attack you. You needed to be ready. Fighters were trained early in those days.

Entire generations were born into war, never knowing anything else. But, that all stopped when the Creon was formed. The Creon consists of millions of planets. But, there is a Creon High Council. They make all the decisions. Let’s meet the high council:

Xaqen from the planet Berguad.



The people of Berguad have a power called Telso, it allows them to read the energies from the soil of any planet. Those from Berguad can read the past, present, and future. Xaqen’s perception is very keen.

He reads that the entire Tangeor Universe will be destroyed if the fighting doesn’t cease. The Berguad people are also telepaths, so it’s easy for him to transfer these images to those on the high council of Berguad.

That’s why the Creon Council was formed, to stop the Tangeor Universe from destroying all live within it. That’s why they now take war in the Tangeor Universe so seriously. That’s why they stomp it out so ruthlessly.

Xaqen was happy to join the Creon Council, though sad to leave those he loved. To serve on the Creon High Council, you have to live on the planet Creon.

Fun Fact! Xaqen has a girlfriend and a boyfriend:


And Wego.

Both are fierce warriors. They’ve never spoken a word to each other. They both talk to Xaqen. They don’t seem to know the other exists, even though oftentimes they are all three together. It’s very strange. You can first meet them in the prequel novels.


You can also meet Heto.



Heto collects bodies. He’s from the planet Jagun. The people on Jagun have symbols and sigils on their skin called eroders. The eroders help them in battle. They will warn of an incoming attack and they’ll help out during battle. People from Jagun can also control water.

Jagun has never lost a battle. These people are ferocious fighters. When other planets attack, they kill all who participated in the attack, then take over rule of their planet.

Heto wants to stop this. Instead of killing them, he’d like to offer them sanctuary in one of his universes.

On Jagun, by the age of twelve you must be able to create and form your own small world. It’s a private universe that others can never find. You can take people to your world through a portal, but they can never find it on their own.

All Jagunens must do this. Heto has created many small worlds. He uses them for different things. One such world is called Heto Town. That’s where he put the enemies who’ve attacked his planet.

They can never leave, but they won’t be hurt either. They find jobs, they build houses, and they live out their lives there. Hundreds of different races live there. People from multiple different planets. All who’ve ever tried to hurt Jagun.

But this is not freedom. They’re never allowed to leave. They may learn to live in Heto Town and get along with planets they once hated, but they’re still being held captive.

Heto has a boyfriend named Geo.


Heto wishes he could kill Geo. Geo’s the only thing that makes him weak. Geo’s a ruthless and merciless killer. But he loves Heto without question.

Heto loves Geo too. Which is why he can never hurt him. No matter how much he may want to. When Heto joins the Creon Council, he and Geo create a small private universe together, where only they can enter.

The other Creon members miss their loved ones. But Heto can simply open a portal to his and Geo’s universe and the two can be together every night.

You can first meet Heto and Geo in the prequel novels.

Yeten is from the planet, Ruen.


She’s a weapons expert and she’s the leader of the Cutters, an elite fighter force on Ruen.

The people of Ruen are reserved. They never show fear. They don’t show emotions in public, though they have plenty of passion. You just never see it. They think it crass to hang pictures of their loved ones on the walls.

They’d never hug their children or lovers before battle. Yeten is used to being reserved. But something happens to cause every bit of caution she has to snap.

She’s happy to join the Creon Council. She wants to get away from Ruen. You can first meet Yeten in the prequel novels.


Vego is from the planet Qidx.


His father is the ruler of Qidx. Vego’s very stuck up. To him, Qidx is the greatest planet ever.

The people of Qidx can turn their bodies into metal. It’s called, Ximated. When Ximated, a person of Qidx can turn their body into any shape they want. The skin is impenetrable during a Ximate.

Vego doesn’t want to be known as his father’s protégé. Like his older brother, Vego trains hard. He fights with skill and precision.

He earns the respect of his father’s men on his merits alone. That’s important to him.

Vego’s father is concerned about his legacy. He wants Vego to hurry and marry. Vego’s brother Yeto has been married for years. His farther wants offspring to carry on the name. He wants his bloodline in control of Qidx always.

Vego has lots of women. His brother calls them cubbyholes. Vego sleeps with them. After that, he never sees them again. He doesn’t want to marry, because after he’s had sex with a woman, he never wants to see her again.

He certainly doesn’t want to sit across the breakfast table from her.

Vego meets a woman from an opposing planet that knocks him to his knees. Now the shoe is on the other foot. Not only that, but this woman is the enemy.

What happens when his greatest warrior raises his hand against her in battle? Will Vego intervene? His decision will have repercussions for years to come. Find Vego’s story in the prequel novels.


Atone is a speaksayer or witch.


She’s from the planet Onshen. She’s a spell and potion master. Atone doesn’t care about anything or anyone. Her only concern is staying alive. She never knew her parents. She’s been treated roughly her whole life.

Atone will strike first and ask questions later. She probably won’t even ask questions later. She won’t care enough to. Atone is ruthless. She doesn’t know how to love.

Atone is a top speaksayer. Her powers are amazing. Atone loves Delon peppers. They’re the hottest in known existence and kill hundreds of people each year. Atone eats them like they’re candy.

Atone begrudgingly serves on the Creon Council because that’s what Xaqen tells her she must do.

Each person on the Creon Council was carefully selected. Atone joins, but she’s not happy about it. You can first meet Atone in the prequel novels.

She finally finds someone to love, but that’s not an easy road either. She wishes she didn’t love them at all.

This is the Creon Council. As I said before, we’ll see them sprinkled throughout the first two books. The third book is when they really come into play.

But, you can always read their prequel novel. I would suggest reading it before you read book three of the main trilogy. But you don’t have to. I lay everything out in the third book as well. The prequel just goes more in-depth.

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