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Feral Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 5)

Feral Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 5)

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This book contains two exuberant men who are wild and unrestrained in their attraction toward one another. 

They live under the oppressive Nix rule. They met while trying to steal the same bag of flour. They fight together to get away. Now they’re being hunted.

They’re more powerful than anyone knows. Their attraction to each other is explosive. The Nix have ruled for hundreds of years.

Tieden and Kalem broke the rules by stealing. They defeated a herd of Nix in their escape. Tieden and Kalem are Belen.

The Belen are supposed to be inferior to the Nix. How could two Belen take out so many Nix? Now they’re a threat.

The Nix want them dead. Tieden and Kalem plan on fighting until their hearts stop and their blood no longer flows. Falling in love was easy.

Staying alive may be impossible.

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Chapter 1

“You’ll probably die!” Toi’s lips trembled, moisture accumulating in his eyes.

I hung my head low, deciding to give him my fullest attention before I left. If I didn’t, he’d be jumping off the walls with worry until I got back.

 Toi may have been tall, but he was still slim like most who often went without food. Read full chapter. 

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Rebecca Burnett

Feral Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 5)