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Cursed Magic (Sun Cursed Book 1)

Cursed Magic (Sun Cursed Book 1)

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I’m covered in tattoos from my head to my toes. I’m cursed to live with the sins of every kill I ever made. In sunlight, those marks turn golden and burn me alive.

He’s a killer. Ian’s notorious in the underworld for making people disappear. Now he wants a meeting with me, and I know it can’t be good. I grab my boyfriend Kemp and we meet him.

I was right. He wants me dead. He lost a lot of money when my cousin got killed and he blames me for that. I go on the offensive, but he’s ready.

Ian is sadistic. His plans for me are depraved. I’ve never come up against a horror like this. Ian means to destroy me, but I never go down without a fight.

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Chapter 1

I was covered in marks from my head to my toes. Every kill I’d ever made was tattooed on my body. So were the kills of my forefathers. No, I wasn’t an exhibitionist. I was born this way, cursed to feel the pain of each of those deaths whenever sunlight hit my skin. Read full chapter. 

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