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A Victim of Magic: Five Stories of Supernatural Carnage (Magic and Mischief Book 3)

A Victim of Magic: Five Stories of Supernatural Carnage (Magic and Mischief Book 3)

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Five stories of supernatural carnage.
Including five kick-ass women.
With five unique powers.
On five different worlds.

Rye Unchained:
Agent Rye has always been able to depend on her skunk DNA in a fight, but when a vicious man with fly DNA kidnaps someone close to her, it sends her into a tailspin with consequence so severe she may never be able to claw her way free.

Delia Uncaged:
Elementer Delia is in the fight of her life when something ancient and feral stalks her with one goal in mind, killing her for horrific, hideous crimes it claims she will one day commit.

Leah Untamed:
Telekinetic Leah exists in the rough world of gambling, so she’s used to a challenge. But when a ruthless man with superspeed comes after her for a debt, it leads to a showdown so bloody and brutal few will be left standing when it’s over.

Kerry Unrestrained:
To stop the reign of terror of a man named Zeke, Coalition Agent Kerry will have to push her powers to their peak.
Her team is brawling, casualties are falling, to liberate this rhyming world, they’ll have to put their all in.
Then a distraction, the unthinkable happens, Kerry can’t control her reaction, there’s no coming back from this infraction.

Kia Unleashed:
Succubus Kia’s wrath is uncontrollable, as she hunts down those responsible for hurting her lover and makes them pay.

Take the title literally, there will be carnage here, and lots of it. Just a warning!
This book contains side characters who identify as LGBTQ.
This book has a few strong words.

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Chapter 1

If I didn’t have sex soon I’d probably end up in a shallow grave with my friends bringing me flowers every six months. Succubi needed sex every night, but I’d screwed up with the fifth soulbar, one of the most powerful runes in known existence, and the First Families had punished me severely.  Read full chapter.  

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A book to keep you up at night!

Each story keeps you reading and it's hard to out down.