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We Got Witches Too (Atina and Ridge Book 3)

We Got Witches Too (Atina and Ridge Book 3)

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A few of the local drug dealers want me dead. I’m ducking knives everywhere I go. They’re on the verge of a turf war with me caught in the middle. I left that life a long time ago, but for some reason, it won’t let me go.

Then I get a phone call. Someone’s collecting witches. They’re collecting them for their own evil purposes. My digging makes me a target. Now I have a group of deadly witches after me on top of the local drug runners.

I gather a few friends. We go on the offense. Only, the leader of the witches is someone I love. It’s someone I could never hurt. If I don’t fight, I die. If I hurt this person, I’ll never forgive myself.

The local drug dealers aim to snatch my heart from my chest. A group of powerful witches want my head on their mantel. Is there any way for me to survive, or will this be my last dance?

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Chapter 1


I always liked eating at Todd’s restaurant. The atmosphere was nice, and the food was amazing. Todd was a friend of ours. His sister Alisa and her boyfriend Reid were very close to my boyfriend Ridge.

Tonight, Ridge and I wanted to eat some good food and relax. Like me, Todd also owned a nightclub, but he catered to an entirely different clientele. Read full chapter. 

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