Suggested Reading Order

Okay. So I would suggest your read book one of the World Breaker Series before you read any books in the World Breaker Beginning Series. After you read book one in the World Breaker Series you can pretty much read any book in the world breaker beginning series. I mean, you can read the World Breaker Beginnings Series without reading book one of the World Breaker Series, but there will be spoilers!

The World Breaker Beginning books are set up as standalones. They tell the story of what happened before the group met up and became a team. A few of the books in the World Breaker Beginning series tell what happens after the team got together. For example, Rusty and Chaz’s story. There’s a big found family vibe with these books, guys!


The Rise of the Dragons Series and the Atina and Ridge Series are in the same universe with some of the same people. You don’t really have to read one series to read the other. But, if you want to, I’d suggest reading The Rise of the Dragons Series first.

If you read Rise of the Dragons first, you’ll see Ridge and Chibo on their homeworld. You’ll see how they first met Alisa from Rise of the Dragons.

If you read Atina and Ridge first and you become curious about Alisa, Reid, or any of the others, then please check out Rise of the Dragons. You’ll meet them all there!

For the Magic and Mischief Series, book two is when we first met Celeste. You’ll find her in the Sun Cursed Series. You don’t have to read Magic and Mischief to read the Sun Cursed Series.

But, I’ve had readers say they wanted to know more about the dispute Celeste had with her cousin and what led to his death. You can find out if you read Book Two of the Magic and Mischief Series. But I think it’s explained well enough in the Sun Cursed Series so you really don’t have to read book two in the Magic and Mischief Series unless you want to.

Also in the Sun Cursed Series, Twist often hangs out with Celeste and her boyfriend Ridge. Twist is a part of the Magic and Mischief Series. We meet him in the first book of that series.

Also Twist and his boyfriend Niche will have their own series soon. Be on the lookout!


In my book Prowl we met Anise and Brick. Be on the lookout for their series soon!

If you read Leave No Doubt you met Tinai here on Earth. Her novels will take place on her own planet, Yanun. Be on the look our for her series coming soon. The title on the book is No Option To Fail. Leave No Doubt is a short story inside the book. I may add more short stories to this. 

To learn about more upcoming series, check out my coming soon page