World Breaker


Rekia is telekinetic. She's known as the World Breaker. She has a unique skill. She takes people on the run and hides them. Except she hides them in a different universe. She runs with a crew, but they often find themselves in a world of trouble. Her crew is known as the Wrath Bringers. 


Trent is Rekia's longtime boyfriend. He has a lasso that only listens to him. It's a powerful weapon, that will spike and slice on command. 


Nico is from the world Sentra. Nico has the power of fire. She is Toma's sister. Nico is a Wrath Bringer. She is in a relationship with Kirk. 


Toma is from the world Sentra. Toma has element power. His is Nico's brother. Toma is a Wrath Bringer. 



Clink is from the world Crimson. He can recreate any scene no matter how much time has passed. He can also pull out weapons and items from some of the scenes he recreates. He's immune to most powers. He can also turn invisible. He is a Wrath Bringer.


Glone is from the world Crimson. Clink's boyfriend. He can recreate. He also has superspeed and superstrength. Not always nice. Glone is known for his temper. Clone is a Wrath Bringer. 



Chaz is from the world Crimson. Rusty's boyfriend. Kirk is his brother. He can steal anybody's power and use it as his own. He can also sense things about you through your power. His power does not work on Clink. Chaz is a Wrath Bringer.


Kirk is from the world Crimson. Kirk is Chaz's brother. He can hurt and maim with his energy. Kirk is a Wrath Bringer. He is Nico's boyfriend. 


Saylor is a senter on Sentra. She's connected to Toma and Nico. 



Lala is connected to Saylor, Toma, and Nico. She lives on the world Sentra. Lala is often trained by Glone. The two are very close. She has super strength.  


Robin is from the world Julem. Robin is Rekia's cousin. She can open portals. She's close with Rekia's sister Chanel. She's also close with their cousin Blake. She can open portals too. She hangs out with Rekia's crew from time to time. She has the ability to take on the shape of any innate object she touches. 


Very powerful. He can open portals. Kalem is from the world Xelony. He helps Rekia and crew sometimes, but pretends to hate them. Kalem is married to Tieden.


Very powerful. He can open portals. Tieden is from the world Xelony. He helps Rekia and crew sometimes. He's slightly nicer than his husband Kalem. 


Chanel is Rekia's sister. She can open portals. She is close with their cousin Robin. She has the power of Blood Remedy. She can either heal you or hurt you with blood. She can open portals. She loves her sister but only hangs out with her when needed. She will drop everything to help her sister, though. 



Kevin is Rekia's brother. He is the oldest. He's stern with her. He can open portals. He has telepathy. 


Greg is Rekia's brother. He can manipulate energy to blow stuff up. He can open portals. He's close with their cousin Rusty. He's also good friends with Rekia's boyfriend Trent. He is Nadia's boyfriend. 


Rusty is from the world Julem. He's a military man. Rusty is Blake's brother. Rusty is Rekia's cousin. He can open portals.


Blake is from the world Julem. Blake is Rusty's brother. Blake is Rekia's cousin. He likes to take risk. He doesn't seem to have a filter. He can open portals. 


Cherry is from Crimson. Cherry is Glone's sister. Very tough. She is a Empath. She used to date Nadia. 



Rowan is from Crimson. She is  Chaz and Kirk's sister. She has the power of telekinesis. 


Nadia is from the world Crimson. she is Clink's sister. She has power of water. She used to date Cherry. She now dates Greg, Rekia's brother.



 Rekia and Trent's bought a resort together on the world Lavasha. The name of the resort is called Crave.