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We Got Powers Too (Atina and Ridge Book 1)

We Got Powers Too (Atina and Ridge Book 1)

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They want me dead. The local drug dealers think I stole their money and they put a hit out on me. I’m not a trap girl, but I make money runs for two local drug dealers.

The money came up short this time and now they want my head. I’m on the run when I meet Ridge. My heart sizzles into overdrive when our eyes meet. He’s sexy, seductive. He’s also a powerful empath.

I can manipulate any object. With our combined powers we escape the crime bosses. That’s not the end, though.

Someone else wants me dead. This person is more powerful than any I’ve met before. He fears the ancient magic lying dormant inside of me and wants to eliminate me.

I’ve still got the crime bosses after me too. With this new guy also trying to kill me, I’m ducking bullets and magic everywhere I go.

I grew up on the streets. I’m used to a good fight. I won’t back down.

This new man is the very definition of evil. One of us won’t be left standing when this is over. I just hope that person isn’t me.

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Chapter 1 


They were going to kill us. I knew that as sure as I knew my own name. “Go!” James screamed. He wanted me to leave him. James was the only friend I had in the entire world. At six-feet, his tall frame loomed over my five-foot-six one, his brown skin only a shade lighter than my own.

 “Atina, you need to get out of here.” His eyes shot up the alleyway, trying to make sure I had a clear path. “I’ll distract them while you run.” Read full chapter. 

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