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Stolen Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 2)

Stolen Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 2)

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They met while trying to rob the same house.
Chaz is a power thief. He can steal power from anyone, and that usually comes in handy.
Then he meets Clink. The other man is tall, handsome, and sexy as sin. He's also able to block Chaz's powers.
Chaz has never met anyone like Clink, and he's willing to do just about anything for a small taste.
Chaz knows he's not the most handsome specimen, and usually, someone like Clink wouldn't look twice at him, but then an unexpected event brings them closer together, and Chaz can't help but wonder, would Clink really be willing to take a chance on someone like him?
If you want to catch up with Clink and Chaz years later, please check out my World Breaker Series: 
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Bloody Magic
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Chapter 1

Darkness crept around him, as the Crimson night air whipped through his clothes. Chaz loved his home world, everything about it spoke deeply to his soul. He’d been to alternate worlds before, whenever a portal opener happened to show up, but none could boast of that concentrated red tint that made Crimson what it was.

Chaz took careful steps and felt his face spread wide with a delicious grin. This was it. What he made off this house could tide his family over for at least three months, plus pay off that snake Taser they owed money to. Read full chapter. 

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Customer Reviews

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Good follow up to Rebel Magic

Initially I was confused as to why Glink was with a different character, Chaz, but it turns out that this book is set further into the future (with no explanation of the breakup with Glone - hence a star reduction!). This was another enjoyable read and I look forward to further adventures from Clink, Chaz and Glone.