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Savage Magic (Sun Cursed Book 2)

Savage Magic (Sun Cursed Book 2)

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I went up against a few mobsters and won. Now their friends want me dead. They attack my clothing store, destroying twenty thousand dollars in merchandise.

The Gentleman are a bloodthirsty sadistic, organization. If you cross them, you die. No questions asked. If they want you, there’s nowhere you can hide.

I understand all that, but they violated. Twenty thousand dollars is a lot to someone like me.

I can’t let them get away with it. I want my money back. So, I grab my boyfriend Kemp and we face off against some of the most vicious killers in the underworld.

The Gentleman never fight fair. This time, neither will we.

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Chapter 1

Loud music blared from the overhead speakers, making my ears explode. The club was packed, the dance floor filled with people laughing and having a good time. Many had drinks in their hands. The smell of booze was strong in the air, mixed with the lingering scent of fried food. Read full chapter.

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