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Lethal Magic (Sun Cursed Book 3)

Lethal Magic (Sun Cursed Book 3)

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Hero once peeled the skin from an entire family and hung their bodies in the front yard of their house for days. He once burned a man alive, then cut off his head while his family watched.
I’m used to fighting the local mobsters where I live, but this Hero’s another league of depraved. I’ve caused him millions by taking out the local drug runners, now he wants me dead.
Hero’s organization reaches across the globe. His people are everywhere. I’ve been warned this isn’t a fight I can win. It’s not one I’m willing to back down from either.

My hair holds the strength of all my ancestors. It can freeze a man to death or burn him alive. My boyfriend Kemp has superspeed. I bet on us, always. If this Hero wants a fight, then I say bring it. He may take my life, but I don’t plan on going down alone.

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Chapter 1 

“Leah and Xavier would be so ashamed of you!”  I said to my friend Twist, throwing my ace of spades down on the table and taking his ace of diamonds to claim the book.

We were at my home, down in Cave Town. When people heard you lived in a cave, they often thought it was dark and musty. Cave town was deep underground. We had many cities here, like Log City, and River City. Read full chapter. 

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