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Crooked Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 3)

Crooked Magic (World Breaker Beginnings Book 3)

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A normal day for me is hiding thieves and criminals in alternate universes where their pursuers can't find them. I'm in the process of relocating a new client when my boyfriend Trent steals him for his bounty.

Before I can get him back, he's stolen again. This time by the ruthless government who wants him dead. Now Trent and I will have to team up to get him back.

We come up against an enemy like we've never seen. The client must be protected. I just hope Trent and I are left standing when it's over.
If you want to check out Rekia and Trent years later, please check out my World Breaker Series:
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Chapter 1

“How long are you going to be a criminal, Rekia?”

I looked at my sister and laughed. Sunlight shined in from her kitchen window, illuminating the stove and refrigerator, giving the place a slight glow. My sister lived in a small three-bedroom house, which often time smelled of gingerbread and cinnamon. Read full chapter

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