A Victim of Magic Sample

Kia Unleashed 

Chapter 1

If I didn’t have sex soon I’d probably end up in a shallow grave with my friends bringing me flowers every six months. Succubi needed sex every night, but I’d screwed up with the fifth soulbar, one of the most powerful runes in known existence, and the First Families had punished me severely.  

The First Families were the powerful ancient families who ruled over all magical and mystical beings. Their word was law, and any who tried to go against them found just how formidable they were.

With a few whispered words, you could have a large house with three cars, or be a beggar on the streets for the rest of your life. That, or they’d just kill you, they liked doing that too. The whole killing and torture thing gave them a special kind of joy.

I took a deep breath, my pulse racing with anger and indignation as I thought about it. The First Families had punished me by decreeing I could only have sex every three weeks, and this was to carry on for three months. I shook my head, remembering the gloating look on my grandmother’s face as she’d handed down the sentence, no doubt something she and my mother had come up with together. 

The sounds of the club wrapped around me, as I settled back in my chair. My grandmother was one of the head rulers of the First Families and she made no allowance for anyone, especially me.

The incubus on stage rocked his half-naked body to the ground, and I realized that being bitter when such a delicious treat was in front of me was a complete waste of time.

Resolving to enjoy the show, since that was all I could do, it wasn’t like I could have sex or anything, I picked up the small shot of Curltoe in front of me and downed the whole thing in one go, the hot, sour liquid making my chest burn.

Curltoe was a powerful drink, too potent for humans as it often left them dead, insane, or dazed for weeks.

The incubus on stage spread his legs wide, and the women around me went wild, as I licked my lips. I could feel it building, could feel the need spreading over my whole body and man it’d been too long. I was on the last week of my third month and couldn’t wait for this to end.

My body was weaker than it’d ever been, my reflexes slow, my powers diminished, my energy mostly drained. In fact, I believed the only reason I was even able to get out of bed and function at all was because when I’d messed up with the soulbar, some of its powers had seeped into my bloodstream.

The soulbar held the power of all magical beings, so for a while there I’d had the fire of the dragon, the wings of the Phoenix, the cry of the banshee, and so on. I’d gotten my wizard friend Drem to take the powers out of me and put them back where they belonged, but he’d warned there’d be some lasting effects.

Another shot of Curltoe was placed in front of me, and I drank that down, as the incubus was carried off stage by a horde of women. “To good times,” I said, raising my empty glass.

My hand shook with the glass still high in the air, and I hurried to put it down before it crashed to the floor. Drinking Curltoe while I was already in a weakened state, was not a very smart thing to do, but I hadn’t exactly been thinking clearly lately.

Two more incubi came onto the stage and the words, one more week, passed through my mind as I got up and slowly made my way to the door. My phone rang as soon as I stepped out into the cool spring air. Sweat dripped down my face and as I felt myself grow even weaker, I knew I’d overdone it.

“What,” I said as I answered the phone, not sure the caller would get much more out of me at the moment.

My chief’s grouchy voice came over the line, making me cringe inside because I knew what was coming. “Kia, got a case. Get with your partner. He has the details.” With that he hung up, his part of the job done.

A wave of dizziness hit me, and I swerved a bit, bumping into the person next to me. 

“Hey, you all right, Kia?” a voice I vaguely recognized asked me.

Strong arms wrapped around me, steadying my stance and I looked up to see Guyess staring down at me, his eyes drawn together in concern. His six-foot frame towered over me, and I blinked bringing him into focus.

Guyess had beautiful ebony skin, and the glowing tattoos marking him as a member of the Glecics clan only made it that much more illuminating. Like me, Guyess was also descended directly from one of the First Families.

There were five First Families and to actually be descended from one meant you were looked on with esteem and pride. “Pftt,” I said, thinking about how much harsher I was treated by them because, hey, nothing like living up to expectations.

“Never known you to not be able to hold your liquor,” Guyess said, his arms still around me.

Shame washed over me in an instant. He was right, I’d never needed anyone’s help to stand on my own two feet, and since I was sure my grandmother and the other members of the First Families were just waiting for me to fail, I refused to give them that.

“You’re right,” I said, trying to slip out of his embrace, but, oh, still couldn’t stand up straight on my own.

Guyess gnawed on his lips, weighing his options. “Don’t you have to get to work?” I asked him, pointing at the club I’d just come out of. Guyess worked as a stripper there, and man was he good.

He let out a small chuckle as he put a firm hand on my elbow. “Think I want Lin coming after me because I let you walk home alone? I don’t think so.” With that, he guided me toward the parking lot, not saying another word.

Lin was my incubus boyfriend. I had another boyfriend too, Boya, my partner on the job, but he and Lin were also boyfriends, so it worked out well for the three of us. Boya had dragon DNA, and he and Lin would probably spend the night together, as they often did when I was out for the count.

Incubi and succubi could only have sex together once a month. More than that and both our bodies would begin to spark, crackle, and break down.

Two high voltage entities coming together often canceled each other out and our bodies needed time to build back up before we could have sex again, hence the one a month thing.

We arrived at Klemn in less than ten minutes. Klemn was a huge house shared by many agents such as myself, Boya, and Lin. Everyone who resided here was in law enforcement, just some of us were in different branches, though we all worked for the government, and the First Families, because everybody worked for the First Families. 

Boya and I mostly dealt with magical creatures out of control, especially when it came to them doing something that could expose us to the humans, like killing, or robbing a place, that would leave behind a clue that the person who’d done it had a little something extra.

Me and Boya, along with Lin, worked for the agency Xelone, which dealt with human and mystical affairs.

Though they lived right beside us in Morse Town, most humans didn’t know we existed and we figured it was better for all if it stayed that way.

Guyess helped me out of the car and guided me up the steps to the front door. A few agents passed us on the way, but they were so caught up in their own conversation, they barely spared us a glance.

“What the—” Ninia said as soon as she saw me. We were in the living room now, and the only thing holding me up was my friend Guyess.

I shook my head, trying to clear it. Since I’d started downing the Curltoe, my thoughts had been a little disjointed.

Ninia folded her arms and hit me with her ‘the fuck you do now?’ look I was convinced she saved just for me. Ninia was also a succubus, and worked for Xelone, as well. Like Guyess, she had dark ebony skin, my own being a more brown color. She also had spiked red hair that matched the red in her eyes.

Ninia was a good agent, one of my best friends, and a force to be reckoned with on any day. “Thank you Guyess. I owe you one.”

He leaned his head to the side. “You don’t. Gotta get to work.”

And of course, that was the moment Iscca walked into the room. “Bet you need a ride after bringing miss ‘I can’t have sex, so I’m going to cry about it all night’ here home.” Like, Boya, Iscca also was descended from dragons.

Iscca looked at me, a smile on his face, as he tossed his keys in the air, his brows raised at Guyess. Iscca wore his black hair cut short to his head as he thought it looked better that way. His skin was pale, and he stood just about six feet. Iscca always wore that same bright, sparkling earring in his nose, and it fit his personality perfectly if you asked me.

Ninia leveled him with a hard stare. “Stop being an asshole. How is this helping?”

He leaned over and placed a small kiss on her cheek and the corner of her lips. “Yes, dear.” Then he turned to Guyess. “Let’s go.”

Ninia watched them leave then turned to me, her eyes still as hard as they’d been when I’d first walked in. “Kia, this has got to—”

Before she could finish the sentence, my eyes rolled into the back of my head and then there was only darkness.

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